Robert Dyas

Driving Sales Uplift with Enhanced Product and Promotional Information Delivery

Implementing NetTickIT for Dynamic and Efficient In-store Promotions

About Robert Dyas: A Premier Homeware Retailer in England

Robert Dyas, a renowned retailer with a rich history dating back to 1872, operates 96 stores across the South of England. The company, owned by entrepreneur Theo Paphitis since 2012, specializes in offering a wide array of homeware products, small electrical items, gardening essentials, consumer goods, and DIY items.

Additionally, the retailer connected NetTickIT to handheld terminals, enabling staff to “order” any missing or extra point of sale material, such as sticky labels or barkers, as they navigate the store. These ordered materials could be later collected from a back-office printer. The point of sale materials were printed following the store’s walk order, reducing staff time and facilitating a flexible and dynamic system for rolling out promotions and ticketing across stores.

The Benefits: Driving Efficiency, Flexibility, and Compliance

NetTickIT delivered a host of benefits to Robert Dyas, including:

  • More dynamic and flexible in-store promotional execution
  • Reduced cost of ticket production and distribution
  • Increased efficiency and improved internal processes
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Enhanced automation, dramatically reducing errors and print wastage
  • Guaranteed compliance
  • Simple integration process

As noted by Rita Linton, Brand Marketing Manager at Robert Dyas, “NetTickIT ensures that all in-store customers easily see all prices, products, and offers and is also helping us make better use of our systems and our staff. It’s important that we are able to run more flexible and dynamic marketing campaigns to help existing customers and capitalise on the refurbishment of our branches to attract new customers.”

This successful collaboration showcases the potential of NetTickIT to transform the retail landscape by providing flexible, dynamic, and customer-oriented solutions, driving both efficiency and sales growth.

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