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Why Choose NetTickIT as Your Channel Partner?

Finding the perfect shelf edge signage solution for your clients can be a daunting task. Some options may come with a hefty price tag, while others lack the comprehensive features and security credentials. In the ever-expanding realm of shelf edge signage, you need a cost-effective and sustainable platform that aligns with your customers’ unique requirements. NetTickIT offers the ideal solution, combining affordability, versatility, and a robust feature set to empower you in meeting your customers’ expectations. Join us as a channel partner and unlock the potential of seamless shelf edge signage management for your clients.

Simplified Collaboration, Focused on Channel Partners

At NetTickIT, we are dedicated to our channel partners. Going forward, we exclusively work through our resellers and distributors, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers. By relying on our valued partners, we enhance the customer journey, offering installation services, hardware, and peripherals as required. Our 100% channel focus ensures that our partners receive the utmost support and opportunity for success. Together, we can provide exceptional solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.

A Dedicated Team by Your Side

As a NetTickIT reseller, you’ll gain access to a team of shelf edge signage experts who will collaborate with you to ensure your customers receive the best in-store signage experience possible. Our collective expertise and support will strengthen your offerings and enhance customer satisfaction.

Repeat Revenue for Sustained Growth

Partnering with NetTickIT opens doors to repeat revenue opportunities. Your clients will generate annual or monthly revenue as they expand their shelf edge signage, creating a sustainable and profitable income stream. Unlike solely relying on hardware sales, software investments tend to grow over time, providing long-term profitability.

High Customer Retention Rate

With over 25 years in the industry, NetTickIT has established an impressive track record of customer satisfaction. We take pride in our 90%* customer license renewal rate, highlighting our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions. By aligning with NetTickIT, you can enjoy the stability and profitability that comes with retaining loyal customers.

Unlock Profit Beyond Hardware Sales

Selling hardware is just one part of the equation. Over a customer’s lifetime, they tend to invest more in software than hardware. By offering NetTickIT’s comprehensive software solutions, you tap into a lucrative market and expand your profit potential.

Join NetTickIT as a reseller and leverage our expertise, repeat revenue opportunities, high customer retention rate, and the growing demand for exceptional shelf edge signage solutions. Together, we can drive success and deliver outstanding results for your customers.

*90% includes all NetTickIT licenses and accounts for revenue from closed business.

Hardware Compatibility and Support

NetTickIT is compatible with a wide range of printer and electronic shelf label providers, ensuring flexibility for your customers. Whether it’s Brother, Zebra, or other leading brands, you can find the printer that meets your customers’ specific requirements, delivering the desired features and functionality.

Comprehensive Training and Support

As a NetTickIT reseller, you’ll receive free training and support. We understand the importance of equipping our partners with the knowledge and resources needed to succeed. Additionally, we provide direct support to end-users within the platform, reducing the burden of platform support queries. Tailored training is also available for end-users, facilitated through your partnership.

Enterprise-Grade Features

With over 25 years of industry experience, NetTickIT has developed a comprehensive set of features to meet current demands. Additionally, we support industry-specific or niche features such as Design and Try and test in one store before rolling out. This means you can consolidate your focus on a single solution, simplifying your sales and training processes. By leveraging our enterprise features, you can deliver tailored solutions to your customers and meet their unique requirements effectively.

Partner with NetTickIT and benefit from our hardware agnostic approach, free training and support, and enterprise-grade features. Simplify your sales processes, expand your offerings, and provide exceptional solutions to your customers with our leading shelf edge signage platform.

Versatility Across Verticals

NetTickIT is trusted and utilized in nearly every vertical, including grocery, DIY, department stores, convenience stores, and more. We understand the unique needs of different retailers and have tailored our solution to meet their specific requirements effectively.

Discover What Our Resellers Have to Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from our resellers about their experience with NetTickIT. They can attest to the value, benefits, and success they have achieved by partnering with us.

Custom Solutions to Meet Unique Needs

We recognize that every customer’s shelf edge signage needs are different. It can be frustrating when existing solutions don’t align with specific requirements. That’s why NetTickIT offers fully open APIs, enabling custom development to create the perfect fit for anyone. Our flexible approach ensures that your customers’ unique demands are met, delivering a tailored solution that exceeds their expectations.

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