A Stationery Game-changer

Revolutionizing Office Supplies Retailing in Australia

Integrating Data, Streamlining Designs and Delivering Cost-efficient Solutions

About the Retailer: The Go-to Source for Office Supplies in Australia

Operating over 150 stores across Australia, this leading office supplies retailer is renowned for its extensive selection of products that cater to both businesses and individuals. With a reputation built on quality, affordability, and customer service, the retailer has carved a significant niche in the office supplies industry.

Our solution connected NetTickIT to their in-store large format printers, enabling the stores to print signs up to A1 size on demand. This eliminated waste from unused centrally-produced signage, substantially reduced costs, and improved the efficiency of the printing process.

To address the uninspiring label designs, we employed NetTickIT Publisher, enabling the creation of eye-catching, impactful signs that the stores could quickly print in-house whenever needed.

To enhance in-store operations, we collaborated with the retailer’s store operations team and developed a customised NetTickIT iOS app. This innovative solution allowed store teams to use iPad minis for efficient label accuracy checking and on-demand reprinting of missing or damaged labels.

The Verdict: A Comprehensive Transformation

The integration of NetTickIT has proven to be a game-changer, as confirmed by the retailer’s implementation team, who stated, “NetTickIT has been a real benefit to our business in many different areas. Store teams love the ability to print only the signage they need, and the iOS app is ridiculously easy and effective to use.” This successful partnership highlights our commitment to providing tailored solutions that significantly enhance operations, reduce costs, and improve customer engagement.

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