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Looking to Steal the Spotlight at the Point of Purchase? Discover NetTickIT

Navigating the crowded landscape of product promotion can feel like wading through an ocean of noise. Research reveals that an impressive 85% of purchasing decisions occur right on the retail frontier – the shelf edge. As a brand aiming to win the consumer’s heart and wallet, beautifully designed, user-friendly, and informative shelf edge tickets are not just nice to have; they are your secret weapon.

Yet, stepping into various retail spaces, it’s striking to see how much critical information is absent right where it matters most – the point of purchase. Despite the fortunes spent on media, the opportunity to make an impact at the shelf edge is often overlooked. From paper to electronic or video strip tickets, there’s a wealth of ways to showcase crucial information about your brand attractively and efficiently.

Do you stand out at the shelf edge?

Are you presenting an appealing, engaging front, communicating all the essential information about your brand that the customer needs to make their decision? To help illustrate the potential, we teamed up with our creative team and spotlighted some common challenges retailers encounter:

  • Picture this: You’re a sleek, cutting-edge smartphone placed at a prime spot in the store. Your mission? To broadcast your capabilities, pricing, accessory options, payment methods, and maybe even flaunt a glamorous photo – all within the confines of a small ticket. A daunting task? Not at all, with the right approach.
  • Or consider this: You’re a delicious, fully plant-based burger nestled in a fridge among a sea of meat products. Your mission is more challenging: On a single ticket, you need to express the benefits of plant-based food, your ingredients, your health benefits, and why you’re a tasty meat alternative. Plus, don’t forget to include your expiry date. That’s a lot of information for a humble shelf edge ticket.
  • Let’s shift gears: You’re a classy porcelain hand basin in a store full of bathroom amenities. But consumers aren’t just looking to buy a basin – they’re envisioning a complete bathroom makeover. So, you must help them see the big picture, incorporating all the essentials like a shower, toilet, tiles, lights, and must-have accessories.

Sounds intimidating?

With the right partner, it’s anything but. Enter NetTickIT. We specialize in three key areas, delivering them with impeccable personalized customer service:

Introducing the New Mobile NetTickIT:

  1. We create eye-catching tickets for every season.
  2. We ensure they’re right where you need them, exactly when you need them.
  3. We initiate a seamless shopping experience right at the shelf edge with unified in-store e-commerce.

Embrace the new NetTickIT – your path to precision communications right where it counts: at the shelf edge.

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