NetTickIT™ Showcases Innovation at Retail Risk Leicester

We are elated to announce our participation in the upcoming Retail Risk Leicester, a premier event in the retail industry. As the creators of NetTickIT™, a leading intelligent retail software, our presence signifies our dedication to revolutionizing the in-store customer experience and addressing modern retail challenges.


Introducing NetTickIT™: The Future of Retail

What is NetTickIT™?

NetTickIT™ is not just any retail software. It’s a game-changer designed to simplify store processes and amplify the in-store customer experience. Acting as a central platform to control shelf edge labels, it ensures that retailers can consistently provide accurate and timely information to their shoppers.


NetTickIT™ Mobile App: Our mobile app is a testament to our commitment to retail excellence. It focuses on:

  • Audits: Upholding in-store processes and displays to company standards.
  • Price/Product Compliance: Guaranteeing the accuracy and timeliness of displayed prices.
  • Print-on Mobile Printer: Empowering retailers with instant label printing capabilities.


Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs): In the age of digital transformation, NetTickIT™ seamlessly integrates with Electronic Shelf Labels, facilitating dynamic price updates and ensuring that the information presented to customers is always up-to-date.


Why NetTickIT™ Stands Out: Key Benefits

  • Real-Time Pricing: Experience pricing and promotional updates in minutes.
  • One Price Platform: Drive high-performance sales growth effortlessly.
  • Sales Uplift: Elevate sales with enhanced information at the shelf edge.
  • Brand Consistency: Maintain brand integrity with automated artwork and robust version control.


Join Us at Retail Risk Leicester!

We invite all attendees to join us, delve into the world of NetTickIT™, and explore how it’s shaping the future of retail. Our team will be available for live demos, discussions, and to answer any queries.

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